CAROLINA is an e-mail news service covering the Czech Republic. It is produced by journalism students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague, as a part of their vocational training.

CAROLINA is published weekly. During winter and summer holidays it is published bi-weekly. CAROLINA publishes information acquired from the Czech mass media, and from stories written by students.

Since October 2001, only the Czech version of CAROLINA is available.

CAROLINA is not the official voice of the Charles University. CAROLINA tries to be impartial and balanced in selecting and presenting the news. Opinions expressed in CAROLINA are those of the students who write the stories, and not necessarily those of the Faculty. Fundamental news decisions are made by the students. Final editorial supervision by Faculty lecturers concentrates basically on the correction of formal mistakes. This news may be published with the "CAROLINA" designation only.

Comments and remarks may be sent to the address quoted at the end of every CAROLINA issue:

The last issue of English Carolina was published October 26, 2001.

The English Carolina archive is available here. An anonymous Charles University FTP server offers the English issues of Carolina in zip form at the directory "pub/Carolina"